NAAC Accreditation Cycle-1

1 Accreditation Certificate VIEW
2 Self Study Report VIEW

Important Documents

1 Self Declaration VIEW
2 Undertaking VIEW

Extended Profile

Metric Description  
1.1 Number of students year wise during the last five years VIEW
2.1 Number of Full time teachers during the last five years VIEW
2.2 Number of full time teachers year wise during the last five years VIEW
3.1 Expenditure Excluding salary component year wise during the last five years VIEW

Criteria 1 – Curricular Aspects

Metric Description  
1.2.1 Add on / Certificate / Value Added Program Offered VIEW
1.2.2 Students Enrolled in Program Offered in 1.2.1 VIEW
1.3.2 Students Undertaking Project Work / Field Work / Internships VIEW
1.4.1 Feedback on the Academic Performance and Ambience of the Institution VIEW

Criteria 2 - Teaching - Learning and Evaluation

Metric Description  
2.1.1 Enrolment Percentage VIEW
2.1.2 Seats Filled Against Seats Reserved for Various Categories VIEW
2.2.1 Student – Full time Teacher Ratio for AY VIEW
2.4.1 Full Time Teachers Against Sanctioned Posts VIEW
2.4.2 Full Time Teachers with Ph. D. Degree VIEW
2.6.3 Pass Percentage of Students VIEW

Criteria 3 - Research, Innovations and Extension

Metric Description  
3.1.1 Grants Received From Government / Non-Government Agencies for Research Projects VIEW
3.2.2 Workshops / Seminars / Conference Conducted On IPR, Research Methodology and Entrepreneurship VIEW
3.3.1 Research Papers VIEW
3.3.2 Books / Chapter / Conference Papers Published VIEW
3.4.3 Extension and Outreach Programmes Conducted Through NSS / NCC VIEW
3.5.1 MoU’s and Collaborations VIEW

Criteria 4 - Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Metric Description  
4.1.2 Expenditure, Excluding Salary for Infrastructure Augmentation VIEW
4.3.2 Student – Computer Ratio VIEW
4.4.1 Expenditure Incurred on Maintenance of Infrastructure VIEW

Criteria 5 - Student Support and Progression

Metric Description  
5.1.1 Scholarships, Freeships (Institution / Government / Non- Government) VIEW
5.1.2 Capacity Building and Skills Enhancement Initiatives VIEW
5.1.3 Students Benefitted By Guidance for Competitive Examinations and Career Counselling VIEW
5.1.4 Student Grievances / Sexual Harassment / Ragging Cases VIEW
5.2.1 Placement of Outgoing Students and Students Progressing to Higher Education VIEW
5.2.2 Students Qualifying in State / National / International Level Examinations VIEW
5.3.1 Awards / Medals for Outstanding Performance in Sports / Cultural Activities VIEW
5.3.2 Number of Sports and Cultural Programs VIEW

Criteria 6 - Governance, Leadership and Management

Metric Description  
6.2.2 Implementation of e-governance in Areas of Operation VIEW
6.3.2 Teachers Provided with Financial Support (Conference / Workshop and Professional Membership) VIEW
6.3.3 Participation of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff in Professional Development Programs VIEW
6.5.2 Quality Assurance Initiatives VIEW

Criteria 7 - Institutional Values and Best Practices

Metric Description  
7.1.1 "Institution has initiated the Gender Audit and measures for the promotion of gender equity during the last five years." VIEW
7.1.2 The Institution has facilities and initiatives for
  1. Alternate sources of energy and energy conservation measures
  2. Management of the various types of degradable and non degradable waste
  3. Water conservation
  4. Green campus initiatives
  5. Disabled-friendly, barrier free environmen
7.1.3 Quality audits on environment and energy regularly undertaken by the Institution. The institutional environment and energy initiatives are confirmed through the following
  1. Green audit / Environment audit
  2. Energy audit
  3. Clean and green campus initiatives
  4. Beyond the campus environmental promotion and sustainability activitie