Beyond Academics


We offer expert counseling and professional advice to help students deal with exam stressbetter and concentrate well on their studies in order to build successful careers. We have trained counselors who are available to help the students understand and overcome their problems, be it health, emotional or related to academics.
Our faculty is also highly approachable. They are trained to decide whether a student needs to seek professional counseling and advise the same.

Mentor - Mentee System 

The objective of Disha’s unique concept called Mentor-Mentee program is to recognize the potential of students and help them boost their self- confidence. 
The students are encouraged to discuss and share their problems and difficulties, which maybe both personal and academic. The mentor can, by this way keep a track of the students' progress. 
Each faculty member is assigned a group of 5-6 students who are with the assigned faculty till the time they pass out of the university.
The assigned faculty member counsels them on their academic and personal concerns as and when required, and thereby builds a strong bond with each of its group students.